Finally a solution for booking & dispatch for fleets of less than 30 cars


Because we value all customers, big or small, we have produced a new product especially for companies with less than 30 drivers to give you your ‘start-up’ office at an affordable price.

That product is ‘Autocab Lite’ and it’s available today

Based on a two-user Ghost model, there is no compromise in the speed, efficiency and robustness of the system – look at the features:

  • Same software engine that powers the full version of Ghost
  • Low monthly payment terms
  • Includes Ring Back, Text Back
  • Includes Call Statistics
  • Includes Voice Recording (Yes! It really does)
  • Fast and simple install
  • Easy to use
  • SIMS available for mobiles at our ‘Lite’ price
  • Discounted upgrade to full Ghost system
  • Discounted upgrade to advanced data terminals

Autocab Lite is fast, efficient & reliable software at an affordable price

This is not a ‘cheap’ dispatch system but it is affordable because you aren’t paying for features you don’t need at the moment. You will still benefit from the key features that have always been our hallmark; Speed, Efficiency & Reliability. Quality, without compromise!

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