Martin Ellis, Lynx Taxis GM  (300 cars), tells us how apps will help generate more business and ensure the future of his company is secure



Created to help your company generate new business and reach out to a whole new generation, apps offers your regular customers a quick and convenient way to book a taxi. This also cuts down dramatically on office costs and increases response times especially at peak times as rather than calling an operator, the customer books his taxi directly with the app and can track it as it arrives!

“The Smartphone App industry has boomed”

Martin Ellis, at Lynx Taxis, one of the leading taxi companies within the North West region, had this to say, “In this day and age it is essential to keep up to date with current technology and trends. Over the last few years, the Smartphone App industry has boomed. The possibility of tapping into this market and reaching out to a whole new generation of customers was, as many would agree, simply too good to ignore. The Autocab App gives us just that.”

The App “increased bookings”

Martin added that“The Smartphone Application has improved our number of bookings taken drastically, all without any need for investment in additional operators.”

“Fear of falling behind”, drove the decision

With an unprecedented increase in the number of passengers using taxi booking applications, the fear of falling behind these beautifully designed Apps is what drove the decision, “I would fully recommend the App, as it has given us yet again another innovative and effective service we can offer our customers, generating new business, whilst ensuring we don’t fall behind our competitors.”

The new Autocab App is compatible with all major Smart phones, including Android and iPhone.

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