After successfully installing Ghost & Minos, Tariq at Alpha Taxis in Luton, tells us why the Minos has been ‘instrumental’ to his company’s development



Built to last, the Minos terminal designed and manufactured by Autocab in the UK, has a strong foothold in the quest to be the most successful Mobile Data Terminal in the taxi industry to date. The decision to install the it at Alpha Taxis in Luton was made by owner Tariq. His decision to invest in an Autocab system was driven by the Minos claiming it has been ‘instrumental to our development’ and ‘the reason we chose Autocab’.

“Perfectly suited to the needs of our business”

With a wealth of features and a sturdy yet stylish frame, the Minos is dubbed the terminal ‘tailor made’ for the taxi industry. Tariq also added that he loved the features in the Minos. These features, together with it’s practicality, are what makes it ‘perfectly suited’ to the taxi industry.  “The Minos integrates seamlessly with our taxi meter and that was one of the key factors in our decision. However, we did consider PDAs but, in the end, it was ‘no contest’ as the Minos is a far more robust and durable terminal. Being a ‘fixed’ data head the driver cannot receive jobs outside the cab (unlike the PDA which we didn’t want) so it was Minos all the way!’ With integrated GPS it enables us to track our drivers in real time and locate them instantly. We can pin-point which zone and street they are in allowing us to effectively manage our fleet.”

“We are delighted with Ghost”

Tariq went on to also express he delight for his purchase of Ghost, the No.1 Dispatch Software in the world. “We are delighted with Ghost and the efficiency it has brought. It has made our life much easier.”

“Ghost is infinitely better”

He was also quick to add that he felt Ghost was not only a remarkable improvement on any other dispatch software on the market, but a huge improvement on older versions of our software. “It handles all our accounts and invoicing work with a refreshing simplicity that has taken a huge weight off our shoulders and has brought with it a new and exciting era for Alpha Taxis. Not to mention the improvement in dispatch and fleet management which is so marked that it is infinitely better than previous methods. ”

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