You can now offer your customers a unique and valuable benefit in return for using your service, not to mention a fantastic new revenue stream for your business!



CabMedia is a new Autocab Product that enables you as a taxi company to operate as a media company! By selling adverts in the form of texts and adverts stored on your iPhone app, you have the power to sell adverts to any local business wanting to publicize its offers to the local population, instantly.

Revenue stream for you

There is potential for you to generate a whole new revenue stream to your business that will not only enhance current business due to the reasons listed below, but will also have add an additional form of income to you and your business, through the sale of adverts to both local and national businesses who recognize the power of predictive advertising

Save your customers money  Offer your customers the best deals in town

By providing your passengers with offers and coupons you will save them money. And who wouldn’t want to choose a taxi company that actually saves them money? CabMedia therefore has the potential to not only expand existing business but further tie your customer to your company brand

Increase accounts work

Offer your accounts customers free adverts on the CabMedia platform instantly. The power of CabMedia enables you to approach any hotel in your local area and state that any customer that is picked up or dropped off at or around the hotel can be sent a text with an advert or message of their choice! This tactic has already proven guaranteed to win over accounts by adding something unique to your offering as a taxi company with a range of customers.

Customer feedback is captured & fully integrated in Ghost

Improve your service with real-time customer feedback delivered to your Ghost System by text or through your Apps. This enables you to review customer feedback relating to each journey in Ghost and establish exactly how you can improve your service delivery, instantly.

Features (all come as standard with CabMedia):

  • Standard App integration
  • Premium App integration
  • Ghost integration
  • Customer feedback integration in Ghost
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