As pence, it’s two shillings in ‘old money’
or, for mathematicians;

It’s the smallest number with 8 divisors;  It’s Factorial 4, and  if you square any prime number larger than 5 and take 1 away you can always divide the result exactly by 24!

It’s also the number of years that Autocab has been producing dispatch systems for the Taxi Industry


So here’s a few pertinent facts for you to consider about the year 1989, when our company was born:-

    • A pound in 1989 would have a purchasing power of £2.43 in today’s money (no, you can’t apply this to our RRP!)


    • The World population has increased by 203,652 every week since 1989 and now stands at 6.974 Billion


    • There were over 16,000 taxi companies ‘of interest’ (UK) registered on our sales database, today that number is nearer to 10,000 but the average size of today’s companies is almost double.


    • Dispatch via radio  (voice) was the norm – data and half-data (5 tone) was a ‘black art’ and not to be trusted.


    • By the close of 1989 Autocab had 4 customers – we have installed over 1,000 systems since then.


    • We have developed our software continuously to match industry needs and to develop new markets (link to Timeline)


    • We have developed the hardware needed to complement our software so the two are exactly matched (link to Manufacturing Excellence)


  • This year saw the launch of CabXchange,  a hub of Autocab users to provide the largest constellation of taxi service points across the World (link to constellation map of customers)
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