Roaming Sim from Autocab

The fragility of mobile phone networks was clearly illustrated during the recent network outage in the North West. The outage itself caused a number of dispatch issues for many private hire firms in this region with intermittent dispatch or no dispatch being the most common complaint. Autocab has always used a rich mix of devices in its dispatch systems but we have always paid attention to the instability of a single communications medium. This is why we offer a range of solutions such as GPRS and radio fill-in and more recently the new Roaming Sim.

The Roaming Sim is a clever device which is not restricted to a single network. In the event of a network outage the Sim will automatically select the best available network and continue to operate seamlessly. Cable Cars in St Helens have been experiencing the benefits of the Roaming Sim and were pleased to avoid outage and Manager (Liam Yates) had this to say…

“…With previous Sims we would get dips in signal and be subject to outages. This seems to have been eradicated by the Roaming Sims and subsequently provides us with stronger coverage. They are definitely doing the job…”

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