The Parliamentary Review – Technology Edition seeks to demonstrate how crucial parts of the UK economy respond to the political environment and policy developments. As the world’s largest supplier of taxi booking and dispatch systems, apps and telecommunications, Autocab is recognised for developing innovative software solutions that help its clients to focus on their customers’ needs, drive down costs, and remain competitive in a technologically disrupted market.

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The Technology Edition covers topics from digital wearables to driverless cars to virtual reality. With input from leading organisations such as Autocab, the Review highlights the best practice that exists and demonstrates the critical role Britain has to play in the world’s technological future. The Technology 2014/2015 edition is forwarded by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and is headed-up by Ed Vaizey.

Autocab hopes you enjoy reading the Review both as a guide to best practice and also for new ideas – turn to page 15 to find Autocab.

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