December 14, 2015, Manchester UK, Autocab, the global leader in technology solutions to the taxi and private hire industry, has transformed the relationship between taxi companies and their drivers with the release of its next generation driver app.

The redesigned driver app takes the next leap forward in the way drivers accept and complete a booking, including a range of innovative new features to simplify and optimise efficiency, raise earnings and service levels and thus, driver retention.

Autocab is the world’s largest supplier of cloud-based taxi booking and dispatch systems.

Safa Alkateb, Autocab Managing Director, said: “Today, we are advancing our driver app a stage further, retaining our position at the forefront of the industry.”

The company says its research and development team has been working closely with the taxi industry on the new driver app for a number of months and that over 140,000 vehicles currently use Autocab’s driver systems.

taxi driver app
Innovation at its heart: the new driver app from Autocab.

Mr Alkateb said: “We are confident our customers will be very pleased with the new driver app as it is a technology solution built to respond to changes in consumer behaviour and market forces, such as the relaxing of the cross-border rules that increase operators’ potential geographical reach and size, market consolidation through mergers and acquisitions and demand for electronic payments. While the private hire industry has undergone a substantial transformation in the last few years, the technology that supports it needs to develop at an even faster pace.”

Innovation at its Heart

Mr Alkateb added: “Autocab is continually looking at areas where we can anticipate our customers’ needs. After engaging and listening to them and carrying out an exhaustive study of driver behaviour, we are confident of providing an innovative mobile solution that addresses the numerous challenges in technology, services and expertise they must meet in a rapidly changing market.”

Autocab’s customers receive the driver app as part of their service and in turn offer it to drivers for download to their IOS or Android mobile phones. The app then enables drivers to receive jobs, navigate the entire route via digital map and GPS location, and take electronic or cash payment ready for the next job.

The updated driver app is available to the company’s UK and international customers and is an upgrade that is already integrated with its existing Ghost and Ghost Cloud booking and dispatch systems. The new enhanced driver app provides even more tools that drivers will use to improve driver-passenger service and automation.

 “Simple and Intuitive”

Mr Alkateb commented: “Autocab had previously revolutionised the way taxi companies interacted with their drivers via app-based technology while offering the best priced, most technologically advanced taxi booking and dispatch system on the market. The updated driver app moves the private hire driver from click-oriented navigation to a simple and intuitive swipe and touch interface.”

Streamlined and Accelerated Processes

The enhanced driver app is designed to make taxi operations more efficient through increased automation tools that help streamline and accelerate tasks and processes.

An example is the whole driver on-boarding process which is made incredibly quick and easy; (1) the driver signs up with the company and downloads the Autocab driver app, (2) via the app he uploads his picture and necessary documents to the office, (3) once approved, he can start work. The whole process can be done in a matter of minutes.

Driver Retention

Many of the new features are designed to help taxi firms retain drivers by providing the tools to interact with them and encourage good performance. The driver app includes a ratings section that lets drivers see their passenger feedback.

The redesigned driver app aims to help drivers increase their earnings and includes a section with interactive charts that let them understand their earnings to-date. They can use the app to view when and where their income typically comes, allowing them to become more efficient and profitable over time. They can also settle their fees via their mobile device, thus, reducing admin and cash holding for the taxi company’s accounting department.

Integrated Electronic Payments

Autocab’s research into the growth of non-cash payment methods has shown that there is going to be a massive shift in the UK to electronic payment in the near future. To meet this increasing demand for safe cashless payment, the driver app has been developed to work together with an inexpensive companion keypad that accepts debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal right in the vehicle.

Mr Alkateb said: “As consumers we are getting used to making electronic payments for small as well as large transactions. Cash will still be accepted, but the enhanced driver app offers passengers the added option of quickly and simply paying with all forms of electronic payment, using swipe, Chip & Pin, contactless and mobile digital wallet services, such as PayPal or Apple Pay. And for added simplicity, these payments are fully integrated with the taxi company’s Ghost accounting package.”


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Autocab is the world’s leading supplier of innovative booking and data dispatch systems to the private hire taxi industry. The company provides the complete solution for the private hire taxi business with a range of products designed to enhance efficiency, profitability, backed up by 24/7 support and extensive customer service.

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