Autotaxi Ejecutivo is the biggest taxi company in the city of Barranquilla with 1800 cars.baranq

We have chosen Autocab because of its technology and system efficiency. Since we have installed Autocab system, Autotaxi Ejecutivo has become the leading taxi company in the country.

Before we installed Autocab we had 800 vehicles at the moment we have 1800 cars 1600 of them on data.

We chose D23 terminal as this was the terminal that fit to our requirements.

For our company Autocab means organization, automatising and efficiency as the system has optimized the job dispatch service and helped us to get rid of the common problems we had before:

  • No more stress for taxi drivers, telephonist while booking and dispatching jobs
  • Jobs are now dispatched to one car, eliminating competition between drivers
  • No more arguing between taxi drivers and telephonists
  • No more radio noise at the cars and office

“Both telephonists and drivers are very happy with the system as it make their job easy, also for the car owners this is a good save of petrol and car maintenance. For all these reasons we strongly recommend the Autocab system to any taxi company in the world”

Alfredo Tapias
President of Autotaxi Ejecutivo

Autotaxi Testimony Executive Colombia Drivers comments:

“Now the job is only assigned to me, and I know I will not take more than five minutes to arrive to the address of the customer” – Mario Herguera

“My income has increased by approximately 30%” – Ruben

“The Passengers know that they are being monitored from the base, and this gave them greater security” – Jairo Rodriguez