Nearly 200 firms have switched to Autocab from another systemOperator close up 2013a

Nearly two hundred taxi firms in the UK and Ireland have switched to Autocab from another system. That is more than any other on the market. This is testament to Autocab’s leading role within the industry. Many firms in the UK prefer Autocab over other system providers for the reliability, usability and profitability values.

Mayday Cars go live with Ghost

Mayday Cars in London, are the latest firm to switch to Autocab. They did so after encountering a host of issues caused by their previous system which unfortunately led to drivers leaving and a loss of business. With extortionate support costs Mayday Cars were left with little choice but to look elsewhere for a solution. They required a solution that would not only rectify the damage but enable them to compete with the best. They found that solution in the form of Autocab Ghost dispatch software and PDA data head.

Improve efficiency with Ghost

Ian Andrews, Manager/owner at Mayday Cars, was keen to express his opinion on the differences between their previous system and the newly installed Autocab system after going live recently. He was quick to point out the advantages that Autocab Ghost dispatch has brought to his business by not only eradicating certain issues, caused by the preceding system, but improving overall efficiency and operations. He delivered a sterling review of Autocab following a brief mention of life under the previous system. Wishing not to dwell on negative matters better left in the past he soon progressed to the subject at hand which would appear to be a new era for Mayday Cars, he told us…

“…Due to a downturn in business caused by our previous system and extortionate support costs we decided it was time to switch to Autocab. We got Autocab in to assess the situation. We were so relieved when they could provide a solution for us and were very impressed with all involved. Chris Akinbile, Business Development Manager for Autocab, pulled out all the stops for us and his customer service was excellent. Add that to performance of Salman Zaidi, Installation Manager for Autocab, and his team and we have some very good service indeed…

Ghost is far more advanced than the last system

…Ghost dispatch from Autocab is far more advanced than the previous system. Autocab is geared for a successful taxi firm. We are particularly looking forward to maximising efficiency, with the management and accounts suite in Ghost, by utilising electronic invoicing. This will save us a lot of time as our weekly accounts work is substantial…

Drivers are always in business with Autocab

…Maintaining contact with dispatch is of huge importance to our drivers. With Autocab they never loose contact and therefore are always in business, unlike our last system. We can now focus on going forward and expanding our business and we are confident we have the system to do so. It is fair to say we are very excited about what the future holds for us here at Mayday Cars…”