Olympic Cars Manchester merge with Oxford Cars & expand to 250 cars with Autocab

Another good example of longstanding customer relations with Autocab is Olympic Cars in Manchester who installed

our system back in the nineties. At that time they had just twenty cars and a voice only system. Throughout their time with us Olympic have consistently upgraded to keep up to date with the latest technology which has been of paramount importance in their development and expansion. Operating a mixed fleet of standard saloons, minibuses and executive cars they provide a fast and reliable service to Manchester. Their recent merger with Oxford cars expands the fleet to over 250 vehicles and their coverage to include all areas within the M60.

The team at Olympic have worked very closely with us over the years and have always been one of the first companies to install our latest software. By doing this and maintaining a high level of service the company has not only improved in efficiency and productivity but has expanded significantly in the process. This is, of course, music to the ears of the owners and directors of Olympics who are quick to point out that this success is not just down to all the hard work they have put in but primarily due to the Autocab system.


Increase bookings with Ghost

The Ghost booking and dispatch system was installed at their base just over a year ago and along with it came an increase in bookings and an improvement in dispatch handling that signalled the start of a new era culminating in the recent merger with Oxford Cars. This came much to the delight of owner, Raffi Mohammeda, who was only too happy to invite us down to his premises for coffee and to share with us the secret of his success.

He told us…

“…Ghost booking and dispatch software from Autocab is the ideal tool to handle large volumes of bookings with speed and efficiency. Jobs literally take a few seconds from taking the call to being in the vehicle. When you take in excess of 25,000 bookings per week you need a powerful system to handle it. Ghost is that system…

Olympic gain 200 cars with Autocab

…Autocab has been instrumental in the development of this company. We have gained over 200 cars with Autocab. We have always tried to lead the way when it comes to technology and Autocab has always been at the leading edge. We installed Ghost for faster dispatch and for the management and accounts package. Which allows us to process our accounts and invoicing more efficiently…

Ghost has a back-up server & will never crash

…The Ghost system has a dual server which acts as a back-up so we are safe in the knowledge that our system will never crash. Peace of mind is paramount when you consider the volume of work we take…”

Appetite for success

Raffi, Icky and his team were kind enough to visit us at our HQ recently and catered a curry lunch for the whole company (much to the delight of the staff that were in the office that day). We enjoyed a hearty meal and were regaled with tales of times gone by!