30 sites in the UK use Phantom 3 and take over 3m calls in first ¼ 2014

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Phantom, a highly intelligent phone system, has been designed specifically for the private hire taxi business. It encompasses everything that is required to operate a call centre at optimum efficiency. The phone system itself has been developed from the ground up and from the feedback of hundreds of our users around the UK. There are currently 30 Phantom 3 sites in the UK and between them they have taken in excess of three million calls already this year.

New cleaner & modern user interface

There have been many improvements on the previous versions including a new cleaner looking wallboard and user interface making operations extremely user-friendly. The reliability and stability of the system is maximised by a dual server that provides a high resilience. In the unlikely event that the primary server should encounter a technical issue then Phantom will intelligently switch to the secondary server ensuring the system continues to operate.

Reduce overheads & improve bookings

A huge benefit of Phantom for the private hire businesses is the advanced (IVR) Interactive Voice response module which allows users to book a taxi without speaking to an operator. This is fully automated and requires no human intervention. Not only does this provide a high level of service for your users but it also reduces the work load on your operators and can have the welcome knock on effect of reducing your overheads on staff wages. Furthermore, this can also help increase bookings as it frees up phone lines to take calls that would have previously been missed. Typically an established user can take around, but by no means limited to, 30% – 40% of their calls with it. This is great news for firms who have an exceptionally large call in take during peak periods which is certainly the case for Centre Cars in Wolverhampton.

Centre Cars improve IVR intake by 30%

Centre Cars have recently expanded their IVR in-take by around 30% since the installation of Phantom 3 and they are looking forward to taking that further in the near future. That is of course according to Assistant Manager John Price who firmly believes they have a ‘solid foundation’ for success in the form of Phantom 3. When prompted to give his feedback John was delighted to deliver a sterling review of Phantom. He focused on the stability and reliability of the system before progressing on to the subject of business development, saying…

Phantom 3 is the most reliable phone system yet

“…Phantom 3 is the most robust and reliable phone system yet. We have upgraded with every version of Phantom and it has evolved in to an extremely stable system providing a multitude of benefits. For example, we can monitor our entire call intake and operator performance. It also helps to provide an excellent customer service which helps us retain business. I can’t say anything negative about it…

Centre Cars gain 200 cars with Autocab

…It is the perfect addition to our already formidable package we have from Autocab. In five years we have expanded to become the biggest firm in Wolverhampton gaining over 200 vehicles in the process. We are currently investigating some new options with Autocab to not only ensure we maintain this position but to build on it too…”