Ghost dispatch

Roadrunners gain 50 vehicles and increase bookings by 30% with Autocab

Roadrunners, based in Croydon, were established around thirty years ago before being took over by Stuart Wilkinson back in the nineties. It wasn’t too long before Jamie and Ben Wilkinson joined the team to make it a family run business. They cover a large area which includes most of the densely populated SE postcode of London. The aim of Roadrunners is to provide a prompt and high level of service to their customers who demand up to 14,000 jobs per week between them which adequately serves Roadrunners 200 strong fleet.

Roadrunners dispatch over half a million jobs per year with 90% of those within ten minutes. It is service like this that helps them maintain a substantial lead over their competitors. However, to do this, they need a system that can handle this volume of work with speed and efficiency. That system comes in the form of Ghost dispatch from Autocab. Ghost can not only easily dispatch high volumes of work with ease but can also improve overall business efficiency and operations. Ghost is a huge improvement on their last system which would struggle and crash during busy periods.

Roadrunners have seen a significant increase in business since they switched to Autocab and installed Ghost two years ago. In fact, the overall increase currently stands at 30%. For in that time they have gained fifty drivers taking their fleet from 150 to 200 vehicles. Their weekly bookings have also increased by around 30%. Jaime who is delighted with the company’s progress since the installation of Ghost speaks on behalf of Roadrunners to offer a review of their development since going live with Ghost. He told us…

Ghost is so good it’s almost cheating

“…Providing an outstanding service to our customers is of paramount importance. We provide a local ASAP service with 99% of our customers wanting a car straight away. This put a large strain on our last system which would crash during busy periods. The first weekend we installed Ghost, in a one hour period, we completed nearly one hundred more jobs than any other. Ghost didn’t even break sweat. No matter how much work we throw at it the system churns through it. For us it was a game changer as we could now do something we had never been able to do before. We are able to offer a speed and efficiency that our competitors can’t. Ghost is so good it’s almost cheating…

30% of calls on Phantom

…Autocab has improved overall efficiency. Phantom IVR takes 30% of the workload. We all love how Ghost can be configured to our company needs. If there is a feature we don’t use it gets hidden but if there is something we do use its there at the touch of a button…”

The Premium app is the way forwardPremium app

If that wasn’t enough Roadrunners are looking to expand their business further with the introduction of the Premium app. They are already taking hundreds of bookings per month with the app and are looking forward to developing that further…

“…We feel the booking app is the future of private hire and we would not consider having not having one and we think the Premium app will have a big impact…”

Autocab is the best decision we have ever made

“…Autocab is the best decision we have ever made. I think it’s worth mentioning that as owners we are actually selling this system to drivers as much as staff and customers. Our drivers are happier because the auto dispatch is fair and they can all make more money. This is the most important thing for owners to remember…”