Autocab’s transition to a SaaS business model assures future growth

Autocab launched a suite of cloud-based solutions in 2015, including its market-leading taxi dispatch system, Ghost. The business model for the cloud-based system is built on low monthly recurring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions charged per car, per week instead of the … Continue Reading

Do taxi drivers need to smarten up?

Taxi drivers in Ireland may soon be required to follow a dress code, or even wear a uniform, according to the National Transport Authority. Could this be part of an attempt to revitalise the industry? Private hire taxi drivers in … Continue Reading

Autocab dominates the Prodriver 100 league table. Again.

Autocab’s dominance in the market was once again reinforced with the publication of the 2016 Prodriver 100 league table with Autocab customers representing 55% of the 100 largest private hire and taxi fleets operating in the UK. Now in its … Continue Reading

Growing Your Private Hire Business: Is an in-house bookkeeper or an external accountant better for your business?

One of the most important elements to success in any business is a clear idea of the company’s financial situation at any given moment, including a strong grasp on cash flow and whether the books are balancing. As a private … Continue Reading

Autocab ‘How to Beat Uber’ Meeting, Edinburgh and Glasgow

‘How to Beat Uber’ Meetings, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Autocab is continuing to hold meetings in a number of UK cities. Entitled ‘How to Beat Uber’ the meetings are designed to help private hire companies deal with the expansion of Uber. The next two … Continue Reading